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Dial's Catering

My profound appreciation for southern cuisine was developed at a young age growing up in Smyrna, Ga. Here I was exposed to foods that would stimulate my lifelong passion for cooking. 
My culinary career began at the age of 23 while working in the US Navy, learning different styles and techniques of cooking. The earliest culinary experiences came from bring in kitchen cooking alongside with my grandmother. 


Chef Larry has over 15 years of experience in the restaurant hospitality industry. He started his own personal chef service 10 years ago; which lead to the opening of Dial’s Catering. He attended formal culinary schooling at Le Cordon Bleu of Culinary Arts and graduated with presidential honors.

Mission and Goal

Focused solely on working to fusing different cuisines together, which is what makes Dial’s Catering so unique. As a private chef, I am able to offer services that are highly personalized and unique to your needs. Our menus are seasonally driven by the credence of “farm- to- table” which is the best way to serve family and friends. 

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